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Lawyer career

After studying law at the Université Pierre Mendès France (Grenoble II) and a military service at the 27th Mountain Infantry Division, Christophe Cottet-Bretonnier succeeded the competition of the CRFPA of Grenoble in 1998 and obtained his CAPA the following year after the classical achievement of the year of training at the school of lawyers.

He was sworn in in 1999 Lyon and began his legal career in Montreal, Canada, in the intellectual property department of Ogilvy-Renault. At that time, he published reference articles in image law. Returning to France in 2000, he enrolled in the Bar of Lyon then opened a second firm in 2003 Annemasse (Haute-Savoie). Surrounded by his collaborators, he refocused his activity mainly in criminal, labour and family law and intervened in numerous media trials (Neveux, Levy, manissieux robbery, Nallet, Cevenol Tricotage, foundation Brigitte Bardot, murder of Armoy's pensioner...).

In 2006, Christophe Cottet-Bretonnier was a lawyer of the civil party in the Fauviau case before the Criminal Court in a case considered the most serious ever judged in amateur sport1, with the presence of numerous French and foreign media during the week of the trial2, 3.

In 2009, the fund-raiser Toni Musulin, following the its spectacular theft of 11.6 million euros4 and his surrender to Monaco, chooses it to ensure its defense (video ), which will last 4 years (video ). Christophe Cottet-Bretonnier will even play his own role in the film 11.65, released on April 3, 2013, which traces the case in the cinema and where François Cluzet plays Toni Musulin. In agreement with his client, he speaks at length about the shadows of one of the greatest heists of the century6 in a 26-minute documentary, "The Musulin Mystery," DVD bonus of the film (video ).

From 2010, alongside criminal matters and labor law (business consultancy), Christophe Cottet-Bretonnier chooses to devote himself to defending clients in the context of inheritance disputes (inheritance, end of joint possession, etc.) and in divorces and related issues (childcare, duty to help, alimony, compensatory allowance, sharing of property, etc.). He particularly appreciates being involved in contentious divorces (national and transnational), which require both pugnacity and the art of negotiation.

In 2015, at only 44 years, his career and work earned him the right to be named Knight of the National Order of Merit by Presidential Decree on the proposal of the Minister of Justice7, 8 .

On October 1, 2017, Master Eddy Navarrete joined him as a partner in the SCP Cottet-Bretonnier Navarrete with offices in Lyon , Paris , Annemasse And Oyonnax.

On February 21, 2019, Christophe Cottet-Bretonnier is the guest of Jacques Pradel, live in the studios of RTL, for the show "The hour of crime" for the 10 years of the Musulin case. (Audio )

Four months later, on June 23 2019, Musulin again entrusts his defense following his arrest in London for money Laundering. (video )

Associative and athletic Engagement

Before starting law school, Christophe Cottet-Bretonnier becomes a second-round tennis player.

At the age of 18, he created and organized with Guillaume Thieulot the « Trophy of Hopes »9 two consecutive years. This tennis-exhibition tournament on 5 days led him to engage notably Yannick  Noah, Arnaud Boetsch or even Fabrice Santoro14.

The concept of the Trophy of Hopes is later taken over by the American company Proserv. It still exists today under the name " Bridge of Generations "10, an international tournament reserved for 15/16 year olds that takes place every year in Avignon.

This passion for tennis will never leave him, either in his career as a lawyer or in his personal associative involvement as Chairman of the Litigation Committee of the Lyon Tennis League (2005 to 2017)11 or as a member (since 2008) and then Chairman (since 13 April 2018) of the Commission of Agents at the French Tennis Federation12.

On 2 October 2018, Christophe Cottet-Bretonnier is appointed by the Executive Board of the CNOSF (French National Olympic and Sports Committee) member of the Interfederal Agents ' Commission (CIAS).

He is a member of Lagardère Paris Racing.

Works and publications

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chevalier-ordre-du-merite Knight of the National Order of Merit (November 20, 2015).

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